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January 12th, 2011

Ignore this, I'm ranting.

I find it extremely childish that you believe that you "rule the internet" and can "ruin my life without lifting a finger". To be completely fucking honest, you stupid bitch, I'm sure that no one cares whatever the fuck my real name is. I'm sure that no one fucking cares because I was minding my own business and staying away from you and abiding by my parents' rules - If I'm on the fucking internet, I'm not fucking out giving my personal shit.
And another thing. I never said I was "fully German". Why does it matter if it seems like I said I was? I speak German. I speak German and you've heard me speak German and you've fucking asked me to speak German at some points too. It clearly says, on everything I've ever had on the Internet, that I'm half German. Do I look fully German? Fucking no, I received most of my mother's Brasilian traits, you stupid sack of shit. I'm sure everyone I've ever talked to understands that I'm half Brasilian and half German. I take pride and I spread it the fuck around like miracle whip.
You have the balls to try and tell me it's easy to ruin my life when you're thousands of miles away.
The balls.
You've ruined many lives, lied, deceived, deceived so many people so many fucking times that I lost count.

You leave a bad taste in my throat. At least I've apologised to the one person I've actually "hurt".

I know you're never going to see this, fucking thankfully, I hope everything you've fucking done comes right back at you.

December 10th, 2010

Alright then.

Someone I used to talk to all the time just about messaged be two minutes ago.
Our long conversations have been reduced to awkward casual conversation puddles.


Life punches you in the balls sometimes.

December 5th, 2010


I broke the fire extinguisher at work.
Well, like. I put a few baskets away and suddenly the bolts got loose and there was a sudden, extremely loud, thump.
Aaaand now I'm the brunt of many jokes between Jeremy and Robert.


November 29th, 2010

(no subject)

That awkward moment when your friend asks to read your fan fiction.

And they don't know you pair a bloke with another bloke.

November 28th, 2010

Just going to put this here.


I hate it when you finally get a nice phone that has a full-on QWERTY keyboard and whatnot, you're absolutely sick of texting. And It's true. I'm so tired of my phone vibrating and people texting me over and over if I don't reply quickly enough or just all-out ignore their texts.

Have you ever had an awkward stare moment when out shopping alone or with family members? Like, as an example, today I was out at the store with my mother, brother, and grandmother, and was paying for my items at the checkout and the clearly old, old, extremely old cashier was staring at me with the oddest leer I've ever seen, and said, "I like your hat."
Yes, I quite like my ushanka myself, but please don't stare. I felt as if It was a) I had been eye-raped, or b) I had something in my teeth, cos being the polite turd that I am, continuously returned his leer with an awkward, twitchy smile of my own.
Plus, who enjoys being stared at by an old man that works at a large department store for a living? Really.

I think I'll waste this journal entry for little stories of my weekend!

I was working last night, around 9 PM or so, with my friend Kristen, and we were straightening the first isle, where all the tiny travel-sized items were placed in baskets. I was bullshitting by then, being tired and annoyed, emptying baskets and re-straightening them and greeting the customers with an annoyed nod of the head instead of the mandatory cheerful, "Hello! Would you like a basket? Or maybe some help!"
Resting on the balls of my feet, I watched as my friend and coworker straightened another basket and stare at a particularly nice-looking fellow with a sort-of half grin.
"You know," she said. "lately all I can think about it sex."
I responded with a raise of my eyebrows, sending her an awkward smile. She continued to speak.
"And lately, whenever I see a hot guy, I don't think, 'damn, I hope he's straight because I want him.' I think, 'Damn, I hope he's gay because It would be hot to see him kiss another guy'."
I responded then with a small laugh and a wide smile. "Me too, but I sort of keep those kings of things to myself, yeah?"
Needless to say, I was glad my manager wasn't near the isle we were located.

November 25th, 2010

(no subject)


People say that first impressions are everything.
If that's so, I must seem like a haughty asshole to a lot of people.
Plus, I'm too tired to really think of something original to post before I pass out.
If it helps, I've been thinking of chapter 3 of Mix and chapter two of TGMTEL.

Shit, that's a long title.

Oh. I ordered stuff from Valve yesterday. I'm quite excited to receive the items in the mail!

Not that you all care, or anything.
My next post will be better. I hope.

More entertaining, at least. Perhaps a one-shot:)

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